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The CBM Calculator is used to calculate your consignment volume and weight based on the container size. It is a useful utility for any business that involves shipping.


Oki Kuntaryanto on Facebook

Thanks to program developer. You've helped me a lot in calculating load ability for custom-built items. Keep up the good works!!

Muhammad Sheikh

Do you have a version for Iphone? It is a pleasant surpriz to know that you are located in Meerut, India.

Sadik Lakhani

I use your software it is use full to us. We thankful to you. Can I know how to staging or staging demo (visual 3D picture) for that.


Dear Sir,
I have used your CBM Calculator i m little bit impress with your job.
Good job keep it up.

Global Corporation

Dear Sir,
Your product is really good.
But kindly recheck the CBM capacities per FCL which you have given in your calculators. As per your CBM calculator it stuffs 33 CBM of goods in standard 20 FT Dry container, but in reality it does not stuff more than 29 CBM of goods. So this some times creates problem, bcos we calculate goods as per your calculator information & than that much goods is not possible to stuff.
Rest your product is fine.
Thanks n Regards,
Jaynesh Patel