CBM Calculator Plugin

27 Aug

CBM Calculator Unit of Measurement cmmmmeterinchfeetyard Length Width Height Gross Weight kglb Quantity Volume Cubic Meter (mt3) Volume Cubic Feet (ft3) Weight (kg) Weight (lb) Volumetric Weight Sea kg lb Volumetric Weight Air kg lb 20 FT Container 40 FT … Read More »

What are CBM logistics?

4 Nov

CBM (cubic meter /m3) is the volume of shipment for logistics. First, we need to measure the Width, Height and Length of carton which needs to be ship. Then we multiply the Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) … Read More »

How to calculate CBM exactly?

29 Oct

Rectangular-shaped Cartons: Simply multiply the Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) to get the cubic meter (m3) for carton. Cylindrical-shaped: Volume of Cylindrical-Shaped = pi * r2 * h In case of irregular shape please consider the largest … Read More »

What is volumetric weight?

23 Apr
what is volumetric weight

Some items with less density occupies more space than its actual weight. These types of items are charged according to the space they occupied. This volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment … Read More »

How many CBM in a 40 feet container?

11 Apr

40 feet standard container loadable volume is approximately 63.48 cubic meter. Roughly a 40 feet container’s width and height are 8 feet and length is 40 feet. It dimensions can slightly vary as per the manufacturer. 40 feet container dimensions … Read More »

CBM Calculator-Multiple Container

10 Apr

It’s more than 6 years we are running Free CBM Calculator successfully. CBM Calculator is available on Desktop and Web. Recently we had added a new feature in CBM Calculator that allows you to add products without specifying container. CBM … Read More »