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The CBM Calculator is used to calculate your consignment volume and weight based on the container size. It is a useful utility for any business that involves shipping.

CBM Calculator Reviews

Thanks to program developer. You've helped me a lot in calculating load ability for custom-built items. Keep up the good works!!

Oki Kuntaryanto On Facebook

Do you have a version for Iphone? It is a pleasant surpriz to know that you are located in Meerut, India.

Muhammad Sheikh

I use your software it is use full to us. We thankful to you. Can I know how to staging or staging demo (visual 3D picture) for that.

Sadik Lakhani

Dear Sir, I have used your CBM Calculator i m little bit impress with your job.
Good job keep it up.


Dear Sir, Your product is really good.
But kindly recheck the CBM capacities per FCL which you have given in your calculators. As per your CBM calculator it stuffs 33 CBM of goods in standard 20 FT Dry container, but in reality it does not stuff more than 29 CBM of goods. So this some times creates problem, bcos we calculate goods as per your calculator information and than that much goods is not possible to stuff.
Rest your product is fine.

Jaynesh Patel Global Corporation

Dear CBM Calculator Team, I had using this site and many thanks for yr support. By idea is how great if the converstion of CBM cover mm which were not only ft , cm, Mt and Inch.
Thanks again bro.


Thanks for giving me a prompt reply on my request of registration key. Your program works much greater than I expected. Once again thanks for your respond and have a great day.
Best Regards.

K.H PAK TagAZ Korea Co., Ltd. Overseas Purchasing / Vehicle Parts Development

Dear T S Solutions Private Limited. Have just tried your software and found that the calculations can only be performed in inches and feet, while in Latin America is also used centimeters and meters. Also it seams that the weights used are in Kilos, but not sure. There should be a way to change the units of measurement to make it more flexible. Great utility, thanks.
Good day again, forgot to comment that there also should be a way to print each calculation as backup to the customers.

Daniel Piza CEO, Representación Internacional Marítima, San José Costa Rica

Thanks for your mail.
I am working in the Apparel Sector and import many garments from China.
There are some times when, not all cartons contain the same qty. The carton is the same size, but smaller garments go more in to the carton than larger garments. In this case we need to calculate what qty in smaller garments and how many pcs/pack and separately calculate for Larger garments the same way.
My Suggestion is that, you should also have a option of entering the no of cartons with dimension for CBM Calculation which will be more easy and that's how we do our CBM Calculations. End of the day in our shipping dept we are told to book the space for x no of cartons with certain dimensions. At this point of time we do not go by qty/Pack. Hope you understand. Thanks.

Suren Das

Thank you. Upon my preliminary test run of the program.... Here are a few notes. (I did not read anything, so if I am wrong, I apologize).... When entering invoice date, I entered 9/21/07 and got the error "Input valid date!!" I tried 09/21/2007 and got the same thing. It should give an example of the format. Then I discovered it was due to the date being in the past. Why will it not accept dates in the past? It should give a reason why it is not valid (ie; format or time....)
It would be nice to have a summary of total number of cartons. It would be nice to store the items and customers within the program so I don't have to re-enter this info for each order... Also does it store the order once I click "new"? It would be nice to be able to print the order.
Can any of this be done?

Tammie Johnson

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