Container Loading Calculator Features

Container Loading Calculator provides best possible way of filling container/pallet with given product/packages to optimize space inside container. Optimal way to position the goods leads to Cost saving while shipping. You simply need to provide package Length, Width, Height, Weight & Number of Packages, after that select container/pallet and get your 3D interactive view of container/pallet load plan with steps.

Optimize Space, Maximize Profits

3D View

Load calculator result have interactive 3D view with camera control, visibility of Products inside any load. User can hide/unhide products while seeing calculator result. Also, there is step by step filling animation to view of how to place packages.

Tilt Options

Option to tilt Package/Carton in desired dimension. You can control how package/cartons can be tilted, means you can suggest Container Loading Calculator on which side package/carton should or should not be tilted during placement.

Multiple Options of Filling

Container Loading Calculator provides all possible combinations of filling package/cartons inside container/pallet. According to the weight and volume usage it marks one of the combination as “Best”. You can view and check the other combinations for more details about filling.

Multiple Container/Pallet Filling

In case you need to fill products/package that need more than one container/pallet. Container Loading Calculator provides option for filling and display multiple containers/pallets. While calculating load you can mark “Fill multiple containers” if needed.

FCL - Product in equal quantity

Do you want to know how much quantities of multiple / single product(s)/package will fill inside any shipping container? This program helps user to get same quantities of product/package inside any shipping container. Equal Quantity Products in Container

Multiple UOM

User can define products/packages dimensions in different unit of measurement in single calculation. It has unit of measurements like mm, cm, meter, inch & yard and for weight kg and lb.

Weight Check

It takes care of product/package’s weight while doing container load plan. User can view percentage filled by weight inside selected container. User can also view occupied weight percentage by any product.

Custom Containers & Pallets

User can create custom containers or pallets to use load plan calculator. User can define Length, Width, Height, Volume & Weight according to their need. And there is standard container/pallet list is also available to use.


Available online, extremely easy to use, quickly suggests that a load fits the space inside any container. No need of download it runs online on web-browser.


Sending a container load plan to the person responsible for loading will help speed up the process and minimize the risk of errors. Any calculation is available to share via link.

30 Day Money Back Gurantee

User satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we proudly offer 30 days money back guarantee “No question asked”