How to calculate the fabric roll loading, any formula to calculate cbm (cubic meter)?

2 Nov

To calculate fabric roll loading we need to calculate volume of the fabric roll. We can consider fabric roll as cylinder and can use cylinder formula for fabric roll volume calculation.

volume of fabric roll = \(\pi r^2 h\)

cbm calculator cylinder volume

Where \(\pi\) is a constant its value is 3.14159 approx

\(r\) is the radius of the fabric roll cylinder

\(\)h\(\) is the height of fabric roll cylinder

1. cylinder radius (r) is 50 cm
2. height (h) of cylinder is 240 cm

we can calculate volume in cubic meter using this formula

volume in cubic cm = 3.14159 * 50^2 * 240 = 1,88,49,55,4
volume in cubic meter = 1,88,49,55,4/1,00,00,00 = 1.884954 or 1.89 cubic meter

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