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Basic CBM Calculator

Our fast and easy cbm calculator available on index page of the website. On this calculator you can input dimensions in cm/inch with Gross weight and Quantity. It shows you the Volume, Weight and Volumetric Weight. It also shows approx number of cartons that can accomodate in 20 FT, 40 FT and 40 FT High Cube Container.

Cubic Meter Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate volume in cubic meter. In this cubic meter calculator page you can check cbm calculation for multiple products. Also you can enter package dimensions in cm, mm, meter, inch, feet and yard.

Cubic Feet Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate volume in cubic feet. On this Cubic Feet Calculator page you can check cbm calculation for multiple products.Additionally on this we have six unit of measurement for dimension Centimeter, Meter, Millimeter, Feet, Inch and Yard. For weight you can use Kilogram and Pound.

Single Shipping Container

Through this program user can add multiple products in single selected shipping container. CBM Calculator shows the occupied weight and volume percentage of products inside the selected shipping container. It helps user to get an estimate of number of packages of different or same product inside a shipment container. User can also print the calculation from this program.

Multiple Shipping Container

Multiple shipping container loading program helps user to get the best fit container for mixed cargo shipment. In this program user just need to add product details like Quantity, Dimensions and weight and it shows the best fit shipping container with used weight and volume percentage or occupied weight and volume. Shipping container loading calculator program shows the appropriate the shipping container while user is adding the product one by one.

Container Dimensions Setup

On this program user will be able to change container dimensions as per their specific requirement. User can tweak Standard Container Dimensions, maximum weight and tare weight as per specific county requirement. Some time due to specific cargo we may need to alter this information.

Ad Free Experience*

In this feature, we will not display any advertisement on page. Means more space to work without any disturbance.

Per Unit Freight Calculation

In this program user can define Origin, Destination, Container-wise freight information. That will be used in Single Shipping Container program to calculate per-unit freight along with volume calculation.

Priority Email Support

For any query related with program, feature, calculator or usage, you can email us and we will provide you priority support.

* We had removed advertisement for paid users on following pages Single Shipping Container, Multiple Shipping Container, Container information, Container freight information Some pages like Main page, Cubic Feet Calculator, Cubic Meter Calculator Advertisement still pending to update for paid user. We are waiting for confirmation from Google Adsense and will update soon.