Cubic Feet Calculator

CBM Calculator allows you to calculate volume in cubic feet. On this Cubic Feet Calculator page you can check cbm calculation for multiple products

In this Cubic Feet Calculator we have six unit of measurement for dimension Centimeter, Meter, Millimeter, Feet, Inch and Yard. For weight you can use Kilogram and Pound.

For dimension feet.inch it means you can enter feet and inch together seperating with decimal. For example 1.2 will be consider as 1 Feet and 2 Inches.

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Volume Calculation Formula in Cubic Feet Calculator

How to use CBM Calculator in Feet for Multiple Products?

On this cubic feet calculator you can add multiple products to get Volume Weight in meter (m3), Volume Weight in feet(f3), Number of Packages Minimum & Maximum in Standard 20 FT Container, Number of Packages Minimum & Maximum in Standard 40 FT Container, and Number of packages Minimum & Maximum in Standard 40 FT High Cube Container.

Steps (If dimension in inches)


For above cubic feet calculator we had used following container dimensions
Container / Dimensions Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
20 FT Container 589 230 230
40 FT Container 1200 230 230
40 FT HIGH CUBE Container 1200 230 260

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