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  • How many CBM in a 45 feet container?

    45 feet standard container loadable volume is approximately 86 cubic meter. Roughly a 45 feet container’s width and height are 8 feet and 9 (approx) feet. It dimensions can slightly vary as per the manufacturer. 45 feet container dimensions are as follows Dimensions Length Width Height Millimeter 13,556 2,352 2,700 Feet 44′ 5 5/8″ 7′ 8 5/8″…

  • How to calculate the fabric roll loading, any formula to calculate cbm (cubic meter)?

    To calculate fabric roll loading we need to calculate volume of the fabric roll. We can consider fabric roll as cylinder and can use cylinder formula for fabric roll volume calculation. volume of fabric roll = Where is a constant its value is 3.14159 approx is the radius of the fabric roll cylinder h is…

  • What is the exact full form of CBM?

    CBM stands for “cubic meter” in shipping. The volume / measurement is calculated by multiplying Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) for a carton. And if there are multiple cartons we just add the cubic meter of all cartons to get volume for complete shipment.