What are CBM logistics?

4 Nov

CBM (cubic meter /m3) is the volume of shipment for logistics. First, we need to measure the Width, Height and Length of carton which needs to be ship. Then we multiply the Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) … Read More »

How to calculate CBM exactly?

29 Oct

Rectangular-shaped Cartons: Simply multiply the Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) to get the cubic meter (m3) for carton. Cylindrical-shaped: Volume of Cylindrical-Shaped = pi * r2 * h In case of irregular shape please consider the largest … Read More »

CBM Calculator-Multiple Container

10 Apr

It’s more than 6 years we are running Free CBM Calculator successfully. CBM Calculator is available on Desktop and Web. Recently we had added a new feature in CBM Calculator that allows you to add products without specifying container. CBM … Read More »