How many CBM in a 40 feet container?

11 Apr

40 feet standard container loadable volume is approximately 63.48 cubic meter. Roughly a 40 feet container’s width and height are 8 feet and length is 40 feet. It dimensions can slightly vary as per the manufacturer.

40 feet container dimensions are as follows

Outer12,192 mm2,438 mm2,438 mm
Inner12,000 mm2,300 mm2,300 mm

Tare Weight (Empty weight of container): 3,701 kg.
Max Weight (Maximum weight that can be filled in container): 26,780 kg.

To calculate CBM (cubic meter) for 40 feet container we will use following steps

  1. Get dimensions for the 40 feet container
  2. Convert length, width and height to meter if required
  3. multiply length, width and height to get CBM

CBM for 40 feet container : (12000 / 1000) x (2300 / 1000) x (2300 / 1000) = 63.48 cubic meter
Here we had divided length, width and height by 1000 to convert mm to meter.

Please note that dimensions of container can vary as per manufacture implementation we had taken these dimensions to explain CBM calculation for 40 feet container.

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