Shipping Container Dimensions

Please login to change container dimensions. The dimensions you set will be used by all programs in CBM Calcualator for CBM calculations.

On this page user will be able to change container dimensions as per their specific requirement. Our users were asking this feature from quite a long time. It took some time to implement because for user wise container information first we need to provide login feature to our users.

As now user login feature is implemented, we are rolling out this feature and subsequently we will provide additional important updates.

Purpose of this feature is that user can tweak Standard Container Dimensions, maximum weight and tare weight as per specific county requirement. Some time due to specific cargo we may need to alter this information.

Here we are showing standard shipping containers used by our system and their dimensions. Currently user is not allowed to add or remove and containers.

You can make required changes and click on update containers. This will update containers dimensions for you. One thing to remember length, breadth and height of containers are in cm. We used cm to avoid rounding errors in decimal values. Volume in cubic meter. Maximum weight and tare weight are in kg. Update dimensions will affect calculations performed on main CBM Calculator, cubic meter calculator and cubic feet calculator. It will also affect single shipping container. We had not implemented this feature on multiple shipping container. It will require some more efforts at our end and we are working that.

In case you want to use default dimensions for containers click on Default Values. This will load all default values. Make sure to click on update containers after this. Without that it will not save default containers dimensions for you.

Below we are providing you list of containers used in the system and their default values.

Container Dimensions Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Volume (mt3) Tare Weight (kg) Max Weight (kg)
Standard 20 Feet cm 590 235 239 33.2000 2230.00 21770.00
Standard 40 Feet cm 1203 235 239 67.7000 3700.00 26780.00
High Cube 40 Feet cm 1204 235 269 76.3000 3970.00 26510.00
Upgraded 20 Feet cm 590 231 239 32.6300 2300.00 28180.00
Reefer 20 Feet cm 542 227 226 28.3000 3200.00 20800.00
Reefer 40 Feet cm 1149 227 219 57.8000 4900.00 25580.00
Reefer 40 Feet High Cube cm 1155 229 250 66.6000 4500.00 25980.00