CBM Calculator-Multiple Container

It’s more than 6 years we are running Free CBM Calculator successfully. CBM Calculator is available on Desktop and Web.

Recently we had added a new feature in CBM Calculator that allows you to add products without specifying container. CBM Calculator will auto calculate best fit container combination on the basis of product packages’ weight and volume.

This feature is ready to use and we welcome you to explore it and provide us your feedback to improve it further.

During the development of this feature we are very much aware of one limitation, which is Country-wise Weight and Volume Restriction. We know from our experience that containers weight and volume vary from country to country.

We will provide this feature in coming version in which user will be able to login in CBM Calculator and will setup its container weight and volume. It will be provided in paid CBM Calculator version, and it will cost you USD 100 /year.

Apart from this CBM Calculator’s free version will keep working and we will keep it improving. Using this post I would like to receive feedback of all CBM Calculator users about pricing, is it ok, less or more. Also share what other features you would like to see in CBM Calculator’s Free and Paid version.

Also as always please feel free in case you need some Customized Development in CBM Calculator.

Waiting for your responses.







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